We understand how important it is to have one person complete a kitchen project. For this reason, we have included the installation of a new kitchen floor in this promotion.

We are giving our clients four options:

1) Installation of a laminate floor
2) Installation of a tile floor
3) Installation of a vinyl floor, either sheet vinyl or 12 x 12 vinyl floor tiles
4) Refinishing of hardwood floors

Based on the average size Town House or Row House kitchen floor, we have developed a budget which our clients will be given to select their floor and have it installed. Many new kitchen floors will be installed completely within this budget and many will not. Although we have examples and samples of tile, laminate, and vinyl flooring for our clients to select from, we do not stock flooring and realize there are hundreds of selections available. And everyone’s tastes are different. For this reason a material budget will ensure that our client gets just the floor they want installed in their new kitchen. After the flooring is selected, a change order will be written if necessary and the flooring will be purchased by us. We have installers for all flooring types.

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