Included in the 10KKitchen promotion is Demo and Installation.

Your existing kitchen cabinets, countertops, sink and faucet will be removed and hauled away. Because some clients reuse appliances or have them picked up for tax credits, we move appliances to the back yard or garage. Appliances can be disposed of for a fee.

Holes from cabinet attachment to the walls are repaired in the installation area prior to installing the new StarMark cabinetry. We call it light wall repair and spackling. Additional wall repairs, water damage and hidden damage is not included but can and will be addressed for an additional fee on a change order.

Clients must understand that kitchen renovations must be installed to the current local codes. For this reason, and to make 10KKitchens affordable to all, we include basic plumbing in the installation. This includes removal and replacement of the sink, faucet, garbage disposal, dishwasher, and trap. We do not include any electrical work in this installation except the removal and replacement of the garbage disposal, which is hard wired.

Realizing that many 10KKitchens will be installed in homes with original kitchens forty to seventy years old without many upgrades we are giving homeowners an opportunity to add features to their new kitchens to bring them up to date. These features include but are not limited to outlets every six feet, dishwasher circuit, garbage disposal circuit, and GFI outlets. Many clients have added recessed lighting and changed the range hood over the stove to a range hood / microwave combination unit. We will have any or all of these upgrades performed by qualified electricians for an additional fee.

Finally, your new StarMark Cabinetry will be installed by professional carpenters. Cabinet hardware and crown molding will be installed at no additional charge, but are not included. Toe kick, and scribe molding are included with the installation.

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